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This is a really sneaky one- eg if you are trying to promote power tools, call it a 'power tools review website'. Then add all your competitors to the directory. Add some content over the next few weeks, then after a few weeks, change the website to say that all links on the site require a $199 inclusion fee, and then report all the competitor sites on the directory as paying for links. – this is an example of negative SEO which is difficult to ban you for

Buying followers may seem like a great idea to make it look like you’re in with the in crowd, but all it actually means is no engagement and the risk of infecting any true followers with malware in some instances. There’s no positives to it and it’s easy to tell those that have, as they have a Twitter following filled with faceless profiles. Organically obtaining a following isn’t necessarily an overnight affair, but it’s worth it in the end.

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CommunityBestFebruary 26th, 2015I love picking up media links. The best way to get them is to be an authority on a subject, and that usually means WRITING posts that illustrate some expertise on the matter. A PR agency is a great way of getting you these types of links – they have the contacts. Legitimate PR is one of the most valuable assets in your link earning strategy.

White-Hat SEO or Black-Hat SEO: Which hat wins? | Kickstart Commerce

Content, content. It’s the kingpin of the internet and all SEO efforts. We mentioned text spinners before and whilst a small proportion of these can be effective, it’s still a very dodgy idea to use them. To illustrate, I’m going to take some of the text from this article and put it into a free, online text spinner to show you the results.

Grey Hat SEO - The Blast From Supremacy SEO

Another “joy” of the over-optimization game is taking abuse of irrelevant keywords just to rank. Just to make myself clear let’s say you like to play poker, but we know you are bluffing, just like your visitors will do when they enter your site, and they will run like bats out of hell. And your CTR will suffer. Gaining traffic by using lots of unnecessary keywords to rank won’t work. Cheating, like in every relation, is punished, and Google will take you/your site down. I get that you have plenty of topics in your niche, but stay there, don’t jump the garden to your neighbor. The dog will bite you! You might lose users that could have become clients, and they will buy from your competitors. That happened just because you weren’t honest with them.

If you do suck at black hat SEO, or just do it to make money and suck at it, well you’re a very, very special type of SEO. You, my friend, are an asshat SEO. Asshat SEOs aren’t SEOs at all, but they make money using our techniques while making the rest of us look bad.

(Even though we’re specifically talking about articles here, you can apply this idea to any page on your website — homepage, about page, contact page, etc. The ranking benefits will be the same.)

Garrat, I think you missunderstood. I was referring to targeting keywords that are similar and should all point to one page. To use your example, having a separate page or “window tinting” and “window tint”. I was referring to a very specific example I’d seen where a national restaurant made a page for each and every zipcode and city, even if there wasn’t a restaurant in that location. Regarding your “I lol’ed” comment. I’m not sure if this was supposed to be condescending or not, but all the examples above were based on real scenarios. Cheers, -Peter Reply

Since Google has found many ways of getting rid of those who manipulate the right way of reaching the top of SERP, people get way more creative and not in a good way, but by trying new methods of cheating. And that is how the practice of sending free products in exchange for reviews with links appeared. Don’t get me wrong; it’s ok to ask your clients for a review, but not with links. Using this technique in an excessive way could get you down, rather than up in the search results. And don’t get me started about the fake reviews that appear on your site with the sole purpose of gaining trust, which brings exactly the opposite if you get caught, which happens most of the times. An example in this area is TripAdvisor. An Italian newspaper created an account for a fake restaurant in Italy to see if TripAdvisor’s review moderation and fraud detection team will discover it. The restaurant, named Scaletta got lots of fake reviews and started to look like a real place. After a month it was rated the best restaurant in town. The experiment ended when the newspaper sent a message to TripAdvisor explaining their intent and proved that TripAvisor’s reviewing system is defective.

White hat, Gray hat en Black hat SEO White hat, Gray hat en Black hat SEO White hat SEO en black hat SEO Er zijn honderden methodes om hoger in Google te komen. Sommige SEO’ers verdelen (vroeger) deze methodes in 3 groepen. Die groepen zijn White hat, Gray hat en Black hat SEO. Laten we even nalopen wat ze ermee bedoelen. White Hat SEO White Hat zoekmachine optimalisatie (SEO) is het optimaliseren van een website voor de gebruiker. Door de kwaliteit van de website te verbeteren zal de website organisch (natuurlijk) groeien.Omdat de kwaliteit van de website en de artikelen stijgt, zullen de kwaliteitsfactoren die Google hanteert om een website te beoordelen vanzelf aangeven dat de website beter is geworden. Geoptimaliseerde artikelen krijgen automatisch meer relevante en kwalitatieve links en social shares. Met optimaliseren bedoelen we dan de kwaliteit en relevantie van het artikel verbeteren. White hat SEO is voornamelijk on-page optimalisatie (op de website zelf). Het komt er op neer dat je de beste website in jouw niche (markt) maakt. Gray Hat SEO Gray Hat SEO is het stimuleren van de groei van de aspecten die de kwaliteit en relevantie van een website aangeven. De werkzaamheden die onder Gray Hat SEO vallen onder het grijze gebied van SEO (zoals de naam al aangeeft). De meeste online marketeers en SEO’ers gebruiken een combinatie van White Hat SEO en een beetje Gray Hat SEO. Dus het verbeteren van de website en het stimuleren van de groei. Onder Gray Hat SEO valt het herschrijven van een artikel voor een specifiek zoekwoord, artikel marketing  op niet kwalitatieve sites, betaalde links, een link toevoegen bij linkdirectory’s, site netwerk van vele niet relevante/kwalitatieve websites, link ruil, specifieke anchortekst, oude domeinnamen kopen en doorverwijzen etc. Gray hat is niet zo zeer slecht, maar zeker ook niet optimaal. Google ontwikkelt haar algoritme constant. Het kan dus zijn dat Google vroeg of laat sommige gray hat tactieken aanpakt. Blackhat SEO Blackhat zoekmachine optimalisatie is het manipuleren van het algoritme om hoger te ranken. Blackhat SEO’ers optimaliseren enkel voor de zoekmachine en letten niet op de bezoeker. Hieronder valt het automatisch creĆ«ren van links met spambots (duizenden per dag), verborgen teksten, keyword stuffing, cloaking en doorway pages. (Bijna) elke blackhat tactiek zorgt voor korte termijn rankings. Op lange termijn wordt de website bestraft en kan helemaal verdwijnen in de rankings. Al om al In principe is het nutteloos is om in ‘hats’ te denken en op basis van de eigenschappen te optimaliseren. Maak gewoon de beste website in jouw niche met de beste informatie.

Clickbait is an eye catching and deceptive headline written with the sole purpose of making you click on it. It says one thing in the headline and another thing on the site. It uses expressions to entice you such as “You won’t believe …” , “Important news about …”, “Shocking!! You need to see this…” and so on and so forth. This deceiving technique will decrease your CTR, and on the long run, it’s bad for your site. Usually, those who use clickbait want to generate income based on the number of clicks. You can see this excessive technique in tabloids, where it is widely spread. An excellent example of clickbait is offered for “free” by Xpango, which says that it can give you a free Apple iPad and even promises in the description that it’s “not catch and it’s free”.

White hats drive in the right lane, while the black Lamborghini is getting pulled over and given a ticket for speeding 50 mph over the limit in the fast lane. Granted, it’s quite possible that Lamborghini may never get that ticket as you’re watching it zoom by, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a cop just a few miles up the road waiting with a radar gun.

Smithy November 24th Not sure I really agree on the keyword rich internal links. If you look at Skyscanner.net, Expedia.com, Tripadivsor.com and Cheapflights.co.uk all those sites rank well and heavily use over-optimised internal linking. Reply

Bottom of the page humor A man walks into a bar and notices a glass jar filled to the brim with $20 bills. He asks the bartender what the jar is for and he replies "It's a challenge - it's twenty bucks to try, and whoever can complete the challenge gets the money in the jar. No one has successfully completed it yet." "What is the challenge?" the man asks. "First, you have to drink a bottle of fire vodka, and do so without crying. Then, you have to take an infected tooth from a vicious attack dog, and lastly, you have to give the 95 year old ex-nun who lives upstairs the time of her life in bed." The man thinks about it. After a few drinks he decides to do it. With tears running down his face, he manages to drink the fire vodka. Next, he goes out into the back where the vicious attack dog lives. Everyone in the bar hears growling, moaning, and the dog yelping and simpering. After half an hour, the man stumbles back in, shirt torn and bloody, and slurs "Whereis the95 year old-nun with the sore toooth?" Next One

Scraping content is stealing content from other publishers with a little help from scripts and post it on your website. It is an interesting practice because it was the subject of some cases regarding breaching copyright of the original site owner. Hatching scraped content is not only forbidden but also illegal in the United States and other countries. For example, in 2011 in Canada there was a cased called Century 21 Canada Limited Partnership v. Rogers Communications Inc., 2011 BCSC 1196  which stated that “The prohibited uses expressly include but are not limited to “screen scraping”, “database scraping” and any other activity intended to collect, store, re-organize, summarize or manipulate any Content (whether via an automatic program or a manual process).” It is against Google Guidelines, also. Over the time, thereappeared that sidebar with “latest news” implemented by webmasters, but some of them got carried away and published too much information. You should be careful with how much information you post on other sites so that you won’t upset the big G.

Doorway pages can also be considered a form of cloaking and are large sets of pages which are each optimised for a keyword or phrase in order to direct the user to one site. Again, they are designed to manipulate bots and trick users into visiting a site they didn’t intend to. These can also be multiple pages on the same site that have keywords such as locations, so that the site can take advantage of as many keywords as possible.

Written by Razvan Gavrilas He is the proud Founder & Chief Architect of cognitiveSEO, an SEO Toolset focused on in-depth analysis of ranking signals. With over 8 years experience in affiliate marketing and search engine optimization and 12 years in programming and web development, he has gone from Web Developer to Super Affiliate for large international networks. With a strong focus on everything that is Search Engine related, he developed strategies to stand-out search engine updates. His passion for search engine marketing led him to create his own SEO Toolset, trying to solve the issues that he is facing in the search engine optimization field.


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